Tools and Resources
In making these pages, I used several programs and files that are available publicly as freeware, shareware or for evaluation. I list them here not only to give credit where it is due, but also to make these resources available to you. Be sure and support shareware by registering any non-freeware programs that you use. -db


Opera Browser Opera Software is offering a popular alternative to the two big leaders in the Browser Wars. It has most of the same features its competitors browsers, but it's much smaller and much faster. Definitely worth a look.

Netscape Now!Netscape's Navigator set the standard for bells and whistles, but the company is is transition and the company's involvment in its browser's future is now in doubt.


is the free browser which will replace Navigator. It's not available yet, but you can take part in its development by visiting the web site.

And of course Microsoft is shoving Internet Explorer down our throats.

HTML Editors

HomeSiteMy current favorite HTML editor for Windows is Home Site which Nick Bradbury created and then sold to Allaire. There is a decent Freeware version as well as their regular commercial version which is much better.

I used Kenn Nesbitt's HTML editor WebEdit to originally create many of the pages here. It's a very well written editor, very flexible with all the power that many other editors leave out.

I haven't found an HTML editor for Linux that I like, so I just use text editors like kwrite or gedit. Hopefully something will come along soon.

Email Clients

PmailPegasus Mail is one of the very best email programs available for Windows (or DOS). It is feature-rich and highly configurable. And perhaps best of all, the program is free, free, free, a gift to us all from David Harris, who thinks free email makes for a better world. I agree. It is my email reader of choice when I am using Windows.

Eudora Eudora Lite is a freeware version of Qualcomm's commercial product. And while I use Pegasus because of its freeware roots and grand mission, I'd have to say that Eudora is a slick program.

News Reader

Free Agent
is the free version of Forte's commercial Windows product.



GifsAnthony's Icon Library, Julianne's Background Textures and Yahoo are all good resources for finding icons. There are tons more.

I use Web Counter to keep track of hits.

I found some annoying animated graphics at the MicroMovie MiniMultiplex!

BIG thanks to Tom Barron and David Chen at IKON Communications (now image-G) for designing our original Digital Village logo.

Thanks VPop!Last, but certainly not least, We can't thank the folks at VPop enough for donating the web space for both our web pages and all our audio files (many megabytes). But we'll try: Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

There are many documents online meant to help learn the HTML Language used to create Web pages. Two which I found quite valuable are A Beginner's Guide to HTML and the HTML Quick Reference. There's also a ton of stuff at the W3C.

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