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A lot of interesting books come our way. This page is meant to bring attention to some of the books by guests that we've had on, as well as books by authors who have yet to grace our airwaves. The nature of this list is rather capricious and categories are loose. Books tend to be listed here a long time since they often concern themselves with the more timeless aspects of this immediate, digital culture which many of us seem to find ourselves in. Needless to say, a book's exclusion from this list in no way means that it is unworthy of your attention. Our goal is to expose you to some important ideas that you may have otherwise missed.
Culture & Technology
The author of Complexity tells us of the nearly forgotten J.C.R. Licklider. A man who dreamed the dream of a connected society where man and machine lived in symbiosis. This is a man who made the Internet possible.
The author of Hackers takes a look at the important history of Public Key Encryption and the idiosyncratic people who brought it forth, often through their sheer force of will.
Jon Katz' true story of two young men and their relationship to (and expectations of) the digital technology available to them in their small Idaho town. The book becomes a part of the story itself as the subjects and the author learn the learn the power of our connected society in a very personal way.
The first Digital Epic of the new millennium. A tale of war, gold and a hero UNIX expert, with just a bit of perl thrown in. Spanning half a century and the history of computing, this novel captures the vital nature of code.
An in-depth exploration of humankind's obsession with the second-hand. Just why do we need to to measure time in a fraction of a nanosecond? Why is it we feel so pressed for time, even when evidence suggest we have more free time than at any other point in history? I'd tell you, but I've got to run.
Just what is it like to be the hottest thing in the hottest valley in the country? Michael Lewis uses Jim Clark, of Silicon Graphics, Netscape and now Healtheon as a model to explore the new shift in American corporate thinking.
A very personal look at the definitive Japanese hi-tech company. Find out how two men built one of the most important enterprises in history out of little more than their determination. John Nathan had unprecedented access to the top players at Sony and has provided an invaluable glimpse at the personalities which have driven that company.
We Were Burning
Bob Johnstone
The standard view of the success of Japan's electronics industry is that it was a result of government sponsorship and efficiency rather than innovation and risk taking. In fact a term like Japanese Entrepreneur would be an oxymoron to many people. We Were Burning tells the stories of those people in Japan (and other countries) who took the risks that produced a revolution in electronics and personal communication.
Erik Davis
Many of us would first think that there is a clear divide between technology, with it's logic and numbers, and mysticism with it's magical visions and otherworldly pursuits. But whether it's cave paintings, printing presses or e-meters, humans have long used technology to help realize the transcendent self. With Techgnosis, Erik Davis explores this mind/spirit connection.
Extra Life
David Bennahum
It begins with Bennahum's first glimpse of Pong when he was seven. It continues with the story of his first computer, an Atari 800, and of Mr. Moran, one of those magical teachers who knew enough to give his students the responsibility they deserved. It's an intimate look at a time when young people defined a revolution.
A must-read for anybody interested in encryption and secure, private communication. The book not only includes a brief history of modern cryptology, with cogent explanations of popular protocols, it also includes the computer source code for many of these encryption algorithms, allowing close examination of these programs' strengths and weaknesses. Not for computer newcomers nor the faint of heart, this book delivers the goods to those geeks who really want to know how ciphering works.
A comprehensive examination of high technology's influence on the language of Discourse.
Endless Frontier
G. Pascal Zachary
An important biography of a man who was most influential in the formation of the Great U.S. Military Industrial Complex during this century.
With all the talk about the New Economy, one would think that all the old rules were dead. Not so say Shapiro and Varian. Information Rules sets out to show how the same old tried-and-true economic laws still apply to today's new technology.
Design & Aesthetics
the interactive book
Celia Pearce
Celia Pearce's guide to all things interactive. It features plenty of non-computer examples of effective interactive entertainment.
Web Designer Lynda Weinman is joined by her webmonster brother Bill with this new book about effective use of HTML 4. As with all of Lynda's books, there is a strong focus on good design.
An excellent book on Web design that take's into account such obvious (yet often overlooked) things as the intended audience and the appropriate use of technology.
An update of the classic book that became Amazon.com's #1 bestseller. Still one of the best on the subject.

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